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The Urban Development Corporation (SAU-MSI) has been appointed by the Brussels Region as the developer which will coordinate the various operations to create, a new Brussels district that will be open, diverse and dynamic, urban and welcoming, university-centred and international, sustainable and innovative. The new district will be created on the 3.85-hectare site of the former gendarmerie school at the corner of Boulevard Général Jacques and Avenue de la Couronne in Ixelles. must serve two separate interests: it must meet the needs of the city’s inhabitants in terms of housing, local facilities and welcoming and attractive public spaces; and it will accommodate a pioneering and ambitious project of international significance jointly managed by two universities, ULB and VUB. The project will focus on sustainable development and consist of different elements, including research, knowledge dissemination and sharing, international exchanges, entrepreneurship and innovation, and food.

Coordinator of the site

The SAU-MSI is the coordinator of the site where is being developed. This mission was entrusted to it by the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region, which purchased the former barracks from the Federal State. The SAU-MSI is coordinating the various components of the project.

In addition, it will manage the following aspects itself, in consultation with the other public and university stakeholders: the search for investors for the university accommodation and family housing components; the project management of the public spaces. While the site’s architectural heritage will be showcased, openings will be created in the perimeter wall in order to make it more accessible to surrounding neighbourhoods.

The transitional phase

  • In April 2018, the SAU-MSI published details of a public procurement procedure to appoint a service provider for the coordination, revitalisation and transition management of the whole of this site.
  • In May 2018, the SAU-MSI issued a call for expressions of interest (CEI) to identify project owners for the temporary occupation of part of the site.
  • In June 2018, the SAU-MSI issued an invitation to submit tenders for refurbishment work (water and electricity supplies, etc.) with a view to the temporary occupation of the site.
  • In September 2018, the SAU-MSI appointed the service provider for the coordination, revitalisation and transition management of the entire site: the Creatis / D-Side Groupe / Troisième Pôle consortium.
  • - In November 2018, the SAU-MSI selected first 41 temporary occupants as part of See U, the transitional phase of the project.
  • In April 2019, See U was inaugurated.

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Updated: 2018.11.27

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Project managers

  • Ann-Sophie DOESBURG +32 (0)2 899 38 14
  • Sébastien RODESCH +32 (0)2 899 38 12