Media House: an element of European cohesion policy

25 January 2018
Media House: an element of European cohesion policy© (P.Sa.)© (P.Sa.)

The SAU-MSI attended a meeting this morning of all Brussels project owners in the 2014-2020 funding round of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). In total, these 46 very diverse projects have a budget of €190 million, funded in equal measure by the European Union, within the framework of the European cohesion policies, and the Brussels-Capital Region.

During the meeting, the SAU-MSI presented the Media House project, for which it is acting as project owner.

Flagship building for

Media House is one of the first elements in the physical implementation of the project. It will be a flagship building in this new district, and its architectural quality must both attract other users and set the standard for future elements of this ambitious urban project.

Located on land belonging to the SAU-MSI, at the corner of Boulevard Reyers and Rue Colonel Bourg, the new building will include:

  • the headquarters of BX1;
  • offices for Screen.Brussels;
  • the IHECS Academy;
  • the Centre Vidéo de Bruxelles;
  • an innovation platform dedicated to the media/audiovisual sector, and consisting of a co-working space and an incubator.

These partners from the media and communication sector will use the building together, including a number of common areas, in order to generate future synergies. The plans for Media House include offices, television studios, a reception, an auditorium, training rooms, a small canteen and technical rooms.

Usquare and Droh!me also supported by the ERDF

The SAU-MSI is also involved in two other projects currently being funded by the ERDF in Brussels; these are being run by other organisations, and were also presented to all 46 project owners today.

  • A project run by ULB and VUB which aims to create a centre of excellence in sustainable development (research, international exchanges, knowledge-sharing, etc.). This project is part of, the ambitious programme for the conversion of the former gendarmerie school in Ixelles, which is coordinated by the SAU-MSI.
  • A project run by Droh!me, Melting Park, which aims to develop recreational, educational, cultural and sports activities for the people of Brussels on the site of the Boitsfort Hippodrome. This is being done under an operating licence granted to Droh!me by the SAU-MSI, which has already restored the main historic buildings and manages the entire site on behalf of the Region, which owns it.

Jobs, facilities...: the positive impact of European cohesion policy

During the previous ERDF funding round in Brussels, covering the period 2007-2013, €108 million was invested in 32 projects.
Among other things, these generated 1,300 jobs, led to the creation of 18,000 m2 of buildings for use as business premises, and enabled numerous significant projects to be completed in the Canal Area, including Espace Hôtelier BELvue, Port Sud, RecyK, Greenbizz, Foodmet, MAD, Divercity and others.

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